5 blaster options for beginners!

5 blaster options for beginners!

May 13 , 2022


5 blaster options for beginners!

Looking to get your first blaster but don’t know where to start? Check out this quick mini-guide we’ve made to help get you going.

  • SKD Auto Pistol $69
  • This battery-powered pistol is a must-have for gel ball beginners. Affordable, low-maintenance, and a replica of the real deal, this blaster is a great starter. For less than $100, you can experiment with your target practice, technique, or just have great backyard fun! It has a lightweight design and shoots at around 155 FPS. 

  • Fully automatic scorpion $99
  • The Scorpion is a great low-maintenance and cost-effective option for beginners. With great looks, a nylon gearbox, and a 7.4-volt battery, this blaster is well worth $199! It also has a simulated block-back feature! The Scorpion is a great replica, with timber detail and everything you need comes in the box!

  • Long m416 $99
  • If you’re wanting to get into CQB games, this is a great starter blaster! One of the most modifiable blasters on the market along with the shorter barrel and sturdy construction, this blaster is a perfect starter for a beginner CQB player. Starting at $299, with a 7.4-volt battery, and everything you need in the box: this is a great option. 

  • JM X-2 Pistol W/Drum Mag
  • The drum mag holds a large capacity of gels, so you will never run out of gels while playing with this! The regular mag comes included if you want to change them from time to time. This pistol is also equipped with a flashlight - perfect for night time games. For $129, this is a sweet deal!

  • Marine M416 $109
  • Though at a higher price point, the Marine M4 is the complete package. There will never be a need to modify this blaster as it already is at its peak with everything you need. Unlike the other blasters in this list, this one is full-metal. You get what you pay for with the Marine M4. This blaster would be great for outdoor field games, but definitely too long for CQB!

    That concludes our top 5 recommendations for beginner gel blasters! Let us know what you want to see next & be sure to check out the rest of our website.